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Best Punjabi Sad Songs

With almost all the possible playlists of Best Punjabi Songs including Best Punjabi Romantic Songs already in place here, there was a recurring demand for a playlist of Best Punjabi Sad Songs. 

To fill that void I have finally compiled the most awaited playlist, the playlist of Best Punjabi Sad Songs. I hope you all will enjoy this one too like the previous ones. 

Pro Tip: Those of you who have recently had a breakup or are trying to forget someone. I would advise you to skip this one because you might not be able to surf through this intriguingly melancholic playlist without bursting into tears.

(End tak jandeya cheeka nikal jaangiya 😛

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Having said that, let’s check out some of the most impassioned, heartrending Punjabi sad songs ever created. 

Best Punjabi Sad Songs ― The Ultimate Senti Playlist

#1: Judaa 2 by Amrinder Gill

Ki Hoya Je Judaa Tu Ain,
Mere Dil Di Sadaa Tu Ai!

This is one of my all-time favorites from Amrinder Gill. It’s really a masterpiece from the great duo of Amrinder Gill and Happy Rai Koti. One of the best things about Amrinder Gill’s songs is that they are congruous with the feelings of the commoners. 

And, it’s this congruity in his works that draws the attention of the masses towards him. 

There is a line that goes like this, 

Mangaa Main Rabb Ton Duaa
Bhulle Kadi Tu Vi Raah

Still, I’ll caution you against taking that path. Nahi ta Dua hi mangde reh Jaoge 😛

#2: Chete Kar Kar Ke by Amrinder Gill

Main Saari Umar Langaah Launga,
Tainu Chete Kar Kar Ke!

Another tear-jerking song from Amrinder Gill. The above-quoted words mean I will spend my entire life remembering you.
(Happy Rai Koti bai ta dhamkiya te hi aa gya 😉

Jokes apart. This path too has its own excitement. To add weight to my words let me quote J .M. Barrie in The Little Minister,

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.”

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#3: Peer Tere Jaan Di by Gurdas Maan

Peed Tere Jaan Di, Kidda Jaraanga Main,
Tere Bagair Zindagi Ki Karaanga Main!

Any Punjabi Playlist cannot be called complete without a song from the legendary singer Gurdas Maan who has been plotting his own trajectory for 3 decades now.  From exuding optimism to carrying a current of melancholy, he has done it all through his songs.

There is a line in this song that means, 

If I weep, the world will say I have turned mad in love,
If I don’t say anything, they will say I have become a stranger.

In the words of Gurudev Singh Maan, the lyricist, 

Je Ro Piya Te Kehange..
Deeewana Ho Giya….
Na Bolia Te Kehange..
Begaana Ho Giya..

#4: Waasta  by Prabh Gill

Tainu Waasta Allah da
Mere Samne aavi na
Main koshish kar reha
Tainu Ajj vi bhullan di

This song from Prabh Gill will perfectly resonate with anyone who is trying to forget someone. It perfectly describes the feeling of wanting someone you can’t have. 

Undeniably, it’s one of the best sad songs you will hear. In addition to Prabh Gill, we have to give credit to Daljit Chitti, the lyricist for his very relatable words.

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#5: Taareyan Di Loye by Bir Singh

Chandra a Dil Mera kite Na Khloye
Aa Mil Channa Kdi Tareyan di Loye. . .

Bir Singh’s voice is so captivating that once you start listening to him, you would want to hear more and more from him. The best thing about his words is that they offer hope

And this one despite being a sad song is no exception. 

In the words of Bir Singh,

 Dil Vich Peeda Te Mukhde te Hassa c
Aunge Sajjan Dinde Dil nu Dilasa c

And, that’s the whole point. No matter your love is realized or not, the show must go on and at the same time, the hope should never end.

#6: Je Mile Oh Kudi by Amrinder gill

Je Mile Oh Kudi
Mile Oh Kudi Taan Kade Kehna Us Nu
koi Taan Paigaam Likhe Kade Mere Naam Likhe

This is another heart-wrenching sad song from Amrinder Gill. The above-quoted words pretty much sum up the desire of every lover

#7: Kinna Pyaar by Mannat Noor

Ve Tu Ta Soch Vi Ni Sakda
Ke Kinna Pyaar Kardi aan

Everything about this song is so sweet including Mannat’s voice.

Mannat’s voice has a whole different level of calmness. Her soul-penetrating voice in amalgamation with the captivating words of Kaptaan is enough to take you to some other world. .

How romantic is this?

Neendan Vich Teri aan
Khwaaban Vich vi Hunni Aan

And it sounds really amazing in the voice of Mannat.  To ‘savor’ the immense sadness in her voice, I recommend using headphones

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#8: Tu Shayar Banaagi by Parry Sidhu

Tu Shayar Bana Gayi Aein Haye Ni Iss Pagal Nu,
Kehde Kaami La Gayi Ae Haye Ni Iss Pagal Nu!

Written and Sung by Parry Sandhu, it’s one of the most popular sad songs on unrequited love

I’m really amazed at the depth of the following words,

Ni Parry Tera Geet Likhda, Kalam Vi Rondi Ae,
Ni Jina Cher Mai Jagda Ehvi Kithe Saundi Ae,

You cannot escape the pain but you can always use that pain to create art. 

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#9: Ni Mainu by Amrinder Gill

Ni Mainu Khwaaban ch hi Aa Len De,
Zindagi ch Bhawein Na Tu Aayi!

Another heart-ripping sad song from Amrinder Gill. 

Some of the words from this remind me of the concept of Love without ownership from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

In the words of Happy Raikoti & Amberdeep Singh,

Tere Vallon Bhawein Koyi
Pakka Jeha Karaar Ni
Saahan ch Lakoke Rakhoon
Taan vi Tera Pyar Ni

#10: Mel Karade Rabba by Jasbir Jassi & Balbir Beera

 Mel Karade Rabba, Lagda Ke Zor Ae,
Tere Hath Yaar Nu Milaun Wali Dor Ae!

I’m in love with the intensity of this song. Also, can’t get over Jimmy’s performance. Stop crying. Chalo Viah Tudayun chaliye 😉

Also, there is a line that reads, 

Aashiqan De Naal ta,
Purana Tera Khor Ae

That’s really an advantage the theists have. They at least have someone to put the blame on. 

#11: Raah by Amrinder Gill

Ki Hoyea Je add-add Saade Raah Ho Gaye,
Bacheyan Jahe Paale Supne Sab Tabah Ho Gaye!

Not every love story realizes into something meaningful. And, that’s perfectly fine. No matter the lovers meet or not, true love never dies.

And, this sad song from Amrinder Gill gracefully expresses the above idea. 

In the words of Bir Singh

Kidan Koi Pabandiyan Laa lyu Preetan Te,
Kade Dilan Nu Raah Dilan de Nahi Bhulde,

#12: Meri Zindgi Bana Ja by Sharry Mann:-

Koi Kar Ja Bewafai, Kuj Geet Jholi Paade
Mainu Shad Ja Deke Dhoka Meri Zindgi Bna de

This is my personal favorite from Sharry Mann. The voice, the lyrics, everything about this song is simply galvanic. 

Unrequited love has produced some of the greatest writes of all time.  Shiv Kumar Batalviand France Prešeren are exemplars of the category of writers who used unrequited love as a propellant and ended up producing some of the finest poetries of all time. 

And this song from Sharry Mann exquisitely expresses the way in which unrequited love can serve your purpose(in case you are experiencing one).

In the words of Sharry Mann,

Koi Meina Maar Aisa, Ni Main Rattan Nu Nah Sowa
Geet Baith Jaan Koley Jado Kala Kitte Hovan

(Kite dhakke nal na dil tudwa lyo Patandron 😛 )
Swad Payun ch hi aa, Batalvi wala raah Aukha)

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#13: Tere Vaastey

Tere Vaaste Ve Sajna, Peedan Assi Handaiyan,

Sarmaaye Zindagi De, Ehi Daultan Kamaiyan!

The above-quoted words from Sartaaj mean,

For you, my beloved, I’ve endured many pains
These are my life assets, these are the fortunes I’ve earned. 

Only a true lover can understand the depth of these words. For a lover, the pain of separation is indeed an asset, an asset that functions as the mainspring in the process of “synthesizing” an artist out of a lover 😉 

Sartaaj has exquisitely covered the feeling of every lover-turned-writer in this song.
In his words,

Tere Naina Ne Taan Sanu,
Kaagaz Kalam Phadaya.

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#14: Dil Nu Tere Nal Kina Pyar Eh by Diljit Dosanjh

Dil Nu Tere Naal Kina Pyaar Ve,
Sanu Te Khan V Nai Aunda!

This one from Diljit Dosanjh used to be my favorite during my college days. You literally cannot listen to this one without remembering your crush. 

If you are in love with someone and aren’t able to express it then head on to the comment section of this song on YouTube. You might enjoy reading the thoughts of people like you. 

(Nhi nhi, Keh Fer v Nhi Hona ;P

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#15: Bholepan by Rakesh Maini

Mainu Chete Aunde Ne Vele,
Tere Bholepan De!

This sad song from Rakes Maini is a real treat to the ears. I’m in love with the intro of this song. It seems appropriate to just put on your headphones and walk down the memory lane of your past relationship. 

#16: Yaarr Ni Milyaa by Hardy Sandhu

Aje Takk Mainu Aisa Yaar Nahiyo Milya,
Jide Te Yakeen Karaan Akhan Bandh Karke!

This song is a pure masterpiece from Hardy Sandhu. It will stay with you for a long time.  Once you start listening to it, you will become addicted to it.

For me, the best moment was when Hardy whistles and says, “Aaja Yaar” and his true love,” the dog” runs towards him. 

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#17: Rona Chadita by Atif Aslam

Sadi Zindgi ch Khas Teri Thaan.
Sochi na Tenu Dilon Kadh ta.
Loki Hanjuan Cho Parh Lainde naa.
Ese Layi Asi Rona Shad ta.

This is another high-energy sad song from Atif Aslam with some really relatable lyrics. This one gives us some really good reasons to let go of someone who, unfortunately, just doesn’t want us.

For a heart-shattering experience, I recommend using headphones.

#18: Sajjna Je Sambal Gya by Prabh Gill

Sajna Je Sambhall Gaya,
Taan Mainu vi Tareeka Dass Deyi!

Prabh Gill can unequivocally be called the king of heartbreak songs. This melancholically obese song expresses the otherwise difficult to express feeling.

It will definitely push you to tears if you are into someone who doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. Make sure you have a box of tissues by your side while listening to this one. 

(Pro Tip: Tareeka bai aap hi labhna paina)

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#19: Just a Dream by Prem Dhillon

Dass Khaan Tu Aawegi,
Ankhiyan Je Meecha Ni!

There is a limit to everything. No matter how much you love someone, waiting can become frustrating at times. This sad song from Prem Dhillon puts forth exactly that frustration. 

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#20 : Jane Dil by Kamal Khan & Jaspinder Narula

Jaane Dil Ya Mai,
Tenu Khabar Na Koi!

This one from Kamal Khan & Jaspinder Narula can literally result in a tear storm if you have feelings for someone you know you cant have.

Put on your headphones and feel the pain. Sometimes, embracing the pain helps in letting go of the feelings that otherwise might seem impossible to escape. 

(Pro Tip: Jeena Ta Paina bai te bhaino. Shades lai Lao Kamm Aayunge :P)

#21: Ik Reejh by Prabh Gill

Ik Reej Adhoori Ae Teinu Seene Laun Layi,

What’s better than a deep, passionate hug from someone you have always loved?
This sad song from Prabh Gill expresses exactly that longing.

#22: Supna Laavan Da by Nimrat Khaira

Supne Vich Supna Tutteya,
Tere Naal Laavan Da!

Another tear-jerking sad song from the extremely talented girl, Nimrat Khaira. The following words really hit me hard. 

Kujj Vi Nai Haasil Hunda
Ambar Diyan Sehran ch

No materialistic success can replace the soothing effect that love carries with itself.  We can always grow together.

Sacrificing your relationship in the hope of some abrupt success is the last thing I can imagine. We can’t enjoy our success alone. For any success to have a meaning we need to have someone to share it with. 

#23: Jeena Ta Pena by Satbir Aujla

Jeena Ta Paina hi ae,
Phat Seena Ta Paina hi ae!

And the Grammy for the best song on Unrequited love goes to Satbir Aujla 😛. He has given some really tough competition to Shiv Kumar Batalvi with his words. 

Can’t believe it? Read this, 

Zehar Je Tu Ditta ae
Peena Ta Paina Hi ae

#24: Chal Dila by Ricky Khan

Chal Dila oh Zindagi Jee,
Jehdi Ohde Aun Ton Pehlan si!

This one from Ricky Khan is a perfect combination of pain, regret, nostalgia, and a desire to move on.  It has everything one might be feeling in a failed relationship. 

It might give you the much-needed impetus to move on.

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#25: Teri Tasveer by Baba Beli

Teri Tasveer Main Ajj vi,
Saraane Kol Rakhi ae!

Ever imagined a sad song bringing a smile to your face?

This one from Baba Beli carries that magic.  I discovered Baba Beli, only recently, and since then couldn’t stop listening to him. 

Check out these words for the rawness in his words, 

Tere Khaaban Khayalan ne
Eh Kaisa Haal kita ae,
Ke Raati Neend Na aave
Sawere Jaag Na aave

Want some Hope?
Read this:

Jo Sunna Chah Reha a Tu
Oh Kehna Chah Rahi aa Mai

The rare amalgamation of melancholia and hope in the same song, 

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That’s all we have for today. Thanks a lot for tuning in to HappinessDhaba. Do let me know your views on these in the comment section. And, don’t forget to add more to the list.

Signing off with my favorite words.

Zindagi Zindabad!

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